A Capital Idea | Out 10.11.17 | Safety Second Records

Dissociates | Punk Rock

Adam Kirby, Art Director:

“London will overcome”, that’s what papers said and they were right. 
It’s been 3 years since Croydon house prices soared and Stella McCartney debuted her signature carbon lined clothing concepts at London Fashion Week. 

Who would have thought that life would continue after the nuclear train derailment that turned Canonbury into a zone two Chernobyl.

I want to create an alternative reality inspired by ‘Ionise Islington’ imagining a London which continues to thrive with the backdrop of low level radioactive fallout.


We wanted to contrast something traditionally London with the imagined future of fallout. That's where the idea of getting a Pearly came from. It would have been disrespectful to have faked it so that's when we got in touch with George Major. He's not just 'a Pearly' he's King Pearly and president of the Guild of Pearlies. At 84 he's a living legend and we were honoured to have him part of our story. When David Gill heard what we were doing he very kindly offered his services and really captured George's dignity.

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